Sunday, 10 January 2016

Mathematics Homework 1 due 15 Jan (Fri)

(1) Refer to thick notes solutions to selected examples sent to email. Try on your own and take down the solutions. We did not manage to go through all in class. But understanding these examples will help you in your homework. 

(2) Complete Homework given out in class titled "Assignment EM 01a Additional Questions" on foolscap. Yes do ALL questions. A copy is attached in email in case you misplace it

(3) A statistics quiz will be given this Friday, 15Jan. Questions will be similar (not exactly the same) to this homework. 

(4) By Wed, 13Jan, I will email you about Homework 2 (Viewing of video to learn the next part of chapter)

Enjoy yourselves at the Discover Programme! =)

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