Sunday, 13 March 2016

Math Homework during March Holidays

These are some reminders for math:

1. We went through integration of trigonometric functions last Friday, 11 March. The homework is selected questions from Example 15 (on page 19), to do on foolscap. You should have noted down the questions if not check with your classmates. Answer Key sent to email. Please check answers after you do. Bring back your integration notes (in math clear folder) on 22 Mar (Tue). 

2. Please start revising for common test. You may start with the topics done in SSP Term 1 (especially those who did not attend). The worksheets and selected solutions can be found at Math Google Site (SSP).

3. As part of revision, do corrections for Statistics and Differentiation, at least for the quizzes. For assignments, at least look through remarks stated. The solutions can be found in the Google Drive and Google Site: S407 Google DriveS407 Google Site

4. Those who are supposed to come for remedial, please remember to attend this Wednesday, 16 Mar. Refer to previous email for time, venue and things to bring. The resources will be shared with the all of you after the remedial session. 

5. Remember to bring back your math file on 22 March 2016 (Tue). The order of worksheets was written on the board when we filed last week. You may refer to the attached photo to check the order. I will give you content page in Term 2 Week 1.

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