Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Revision for E Math and A Math Common Test

You can find math resources in S407 Math Google Drive. You may access the drive from S407 Google Site too. If you are unable to access with your SST email, please email me. 

All the notes and tests until Integration and Kinematics should be filed in. Please refer to updated content page

All the revision exercises should be in your math folder. Solutions to selected questions can be found in 0. REVISION Google Drive Folder. If you attempted other questions and the solutions are not provided, you are advised to check with me if you have issues with any questions. If you have any missing revision exercise, please find in the folder and print on your own. 

Solutions for the papers (TKGS, MGS) will not be uploaded. Check the answer key and clear your doubts with me, if any. Besides the papers printed for you, you can also attempt 2015 SST Common Test. However, please note that the order of topics taught last year is different from this year. 

Reminder on things to bring for E Math and A Math common tests. 

Math Revision Sessions (before each paper as announced in class)
E Math Paper 1 Revision Session:
--- 27Apr (Wed), 2.30pm-4.30pm (no MT)
--- 28Apr (Thu), 2.30pm-4.30pm (HMT)
--- 28Apr (Thu), 3pm-5pm (MT)
A Math Paper 1 Revision Session:
--- 29Apr (Fri), 2pm-5pm
E Math Paper 2 Revision Session:
--- 3 May (Tue), 2.30pm-5pm
A Math Paper 2 Revision Session:
--- 5 May (Thu), 2.30pm-5pm
Venue: S407
Bring: All math revision worksheets, foolscap, calculator, curve ruler, construction set, long ruler, stationery
Compulsory for those in SSP (Term 2). Optional for the rest.
It is more beneficial to revise before the session and use the session to clarify doubts
Besides these sessions, you may look for Miss Chew on other days: by appointment at least 1 day in advance only. Hotline: 98297186

The main intention is for timed practice and clarification of doubts. The timed practice will be compiled from previous assessments or revision exercises given. 

All the best for your common test =)

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