Thursday, 26 May 2016

S407: June Math lessons and Homework

Please remember to attend the math lessons next week and complete the holiday homework in June. Below is the summary as announced in class: 

Math Lesson 1

Date: 31 May 2016 (Tue)
Time: 1130-1230
Venue: S407 Classroom

Who must attend: Everyone except Axel, BG, Sean, Haady (A1-B3 for both EM and AM Common Test) 

Objective of lesson: Go through common mistakes in common test papers and attempt questions as revision

Things to bring: Math and A Math common test question papers and answers (7 sets), June holiday homework (see below), calculator, foolscap, stationery. 

Math Lesson 2

Date: 1 June 2016 (Wed)
Time: 1030-1230
Venue: S407 Classroom

Who must attend: EVERYONE

Objective of Lesson: Continue with the chapter on Vectors

Things to bring: Vectors Thick Notes, Vectors Additional Notes, Calculator, Foolscap, Stationery. Bring the June holiday homework (see below) too so you can work on them if you are faster with the vector class work. 

Holiday Homework (Compulsory) 

You received 2 sets of holiday homework this week during math lesson:

These 2 sets of holiday homework are compulsory to be done and submitted in Term 3 Week 1 (first day of school). Please follow the instructions announced in class:
  • Complete on E Math P1 on question paper and E Math P2, A Math P1, A Math P2 on foolscap
  • Check your answers with the answer keys given. If correct, tick in green pen. If incorrect, do corrections in green pen
  • If unable to get correct answer after attempting corrections, circle the question number
  • Submit both sets in Term 3 Week 1, first day of school
  • I will mark questions you circle and questions with no answers provided (e.g. graph)
If you completed the above compulsory papers and wish to practise more papers, you may refer to the bonus papers uploaded here.

Please plan your time wisely to revise for all subjects this June break and to rest and recharge. Collate any queries you have as you revise and seek consultation in Term 3.

All the best for your mother tongue exam (for those who are taking) and all the best for your AS coursework. =)

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