Monday, 6 June 2016

S407: June Homework, Vectors, Common Test Solutions

1. Common Test Solutions
After attempting corrections for common test, you can check the solutions uploaded in this Common Test Solutions folder.

2. Common Test Review Worksheets (given out on 31 May 2016 Math Lesson 1)
The lesson on 31 May 2016 (Math Lesson 1) was compulsory for all except those who achieved A1-B3 for both E Math and A Math. Some worksheets were given as revision. You can access the softcopy in this Common Test Review folder.

3. Vectors
On 1 June 2016 (Math lesson 2), we went through parallel vectors and position vectors. With this, we finished all the key concepts on vectors. When school reopen in Term 3, I will go through selected examples then assign class work. If you lose your notes, please download and print the vector notes which is also attached.

After completing your holiday homework, please attempt the examples in the vector notes (Example 13, 14, 17, 19-22) and check the solutionsWhen I go through in Term 3, I will not be giving you time to write down the solutions. 

The following is a reminder of the instructions for holiday homework. As mentioned in previous post, 

4. Holiday Homework (Compulsory) 

You received 2 sets of holiday homework this week during math lesson:

These 2 sets of holiday homework are compulsory to be done and submitted in Term 3 Week 1 (first day of school). Please follow the instructions announced in class:
  • Complete on E Math P1 on question paper and E Math P2, A Math P1, A Math P2 on foolscap
  • Check your answers with the answer keys given. If correct, tick in green pen. If incorrect, do corrections in green pen
  • If unable to get correct answer after attempting corrections, circle the question number
  • Submit both sets in Term 3 Week 1, first day of school
  • I will mark questions you circle and questions with no answers provided (e.g. graph)
If you completed the above compulsory papers and wish to practise more papers, you may refer to the bonus papers uploaded here.

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