Thursday, 23 June 2016

S407: Things to bring and submit in Term 3 Week 1 (Math)

For Math lesson, these are the things you need to bring and submit on 27 Aug (Mon):

1. Submit Holiday Homework 

Before submitting, please follow the instructions announced in class:
  • Complete on E Math P1 on question paper and E Math P2, A Math P1, A Math P2 on foolscap
  • Check your answers with the answer keys given. If correct, tick in green pen. If incorrect, do corrections in green pen
  • If unable to get correct answer after attempting corrections, circle the question number
  • I will mark questions you circle and questions with no answers provided (e.g. graph)
2. Bring Vector Notes in math folder

If you lose your notes, please download and print the vector notes which is also attached.

You should have attempted the examples in the vector notes (Example 13, 14, 17, 19-22) and checked the solutions. If not, at least write down the solutions. When I go through, I will not give time for you to write down. 

3. Bring Math File (Yellow)

All notes and revision exercises should be filed in. Refer to math file content page.

4. Bring Calculator, Foolscap, Stationery

As usual.

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