Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Math SSP in Term 4 Week 1

In Term 4 Week 1, math SSP will resume.

Instead of attending as a group, I have assigned you consultation slots. Please check your date and time HERE. You should have completed your Sep holiday homework. Hence, please use the consultation slots to clarify your doubts. YOU SHOULD HAVE READY QUESTIONS TO ASK and not do the work in front of me.

As far as possible, I have assigned you slots on your Term 3 Math SSP day. So there should be no clash with other subjects. However, Monday is a public holiday. So I have assign most of you on Friday. If there is a clash, delete your name and select an (empty) slot. If you wish to swap with another person, please ask the other person before editing this spreadsheet.

In Term 4 Week 1, some subjects may not have SSP. So if you wish to sign up for more math slots but have SSP for other subjects, please check with other subject teachers whether there is SSP.

From Term 4 Week 2, the timetable structure will change due to revision plans for you. It may be difficult to schedule consultation. Hence, please make use of Term 4 Week 1 for consultation with teachers.

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